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INCheck Insurers - Credit Life Insurance

We service clients throughout South Africa with affordable credit life insurance you can trust.  Our vision is to provide an affordable insurance cover on the already expensive credit facilities.  We combine all your credit life insurance to save you hundreds, sometimes thousands each month.  Our main aim is to help South Africans put money back into your pocket, without compromising the benefits of your current cover. 

What is credit life insurance?

Most often when you apply for credit, you will be required to have insurance cover during the term of the credit agreement to cover payments in the event of disability, retrenchment or death.   This is to reduce the risk on the credit provider when granting credit should an unforeseen event happen to the consumer.  In such an event, the outstanding balance or monthly instalments will be paid by insurer to the credit provider. 

Our policies are underwritten by one of South Africa’s insurance giants Metropolitan Life Group.   Speak to one of our qualified Financial Consultants today, and start savings.

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